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Mamatayoe is…

Mamatayoe starts in the fashion world at the beginning of nineties. The success of its proposal makes the brand to grow in Spain and immediately in the European and international environment In spite of that Mamatayoe has never lose its spirit, it’s a cheerful brand which reflects different cultures and their environment, a well-balanced mixture between the history and nature, home environment and world landscape, colorful and originality.

 Actually the brand lives in a growth moment in the international environment, with more than 60 % of exportation of the sales, betting for quality production with the design and manufacture in our own installations and in Europe. The brand doesn’t forget the social responsibility collaborating with several NGOs.

Fashion with history

Our girls we have in each collection, his inspiration, his story. Each season the collections are inspired by the stories of six friends from different cultures, they tell us their memories of childhood, the neighborhood where they live, their travel dreams, or introduce us to the wonderful world of flowers, perfume or wine… All prints, embroidery, motifs are created from the beginning by the design team, achieving a unique originality and exclusivity, making a mark Mamatayoe original and different.

* Niet alle getoonde items van Mamatayoe maken deel uit van de laatste Shoeks collectie!

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